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Salted Dried Liqueur – Rượu Xí Muội – ABV 19%

The Mai fruit, also known as apricot in English, is a type of fruit belonging to the apricot family. It

Apple Liqueur – Rượu Táo Mèo – ABV 19%

Yen Bai is a region in Northern Vietnam known for cultivating a variety of apples called “Tao Meo”. This type

Wampee Liqueur – Rượu Quất Hồng Bì – ABV 19%

Every June, the streets of Hanoi are filled with vendors carrying baskets of ripe red and golden yellow of Wampee.

Raspberry Liqueur – Rượu Phúc Bồn Tử – ABV 17%

Red medlar or Raspberry is a type of fruit belonging to the rose family, a perennial woody plant originating from

Apricot Liquor – Rượu mơ – ABV 44%

The essence of Vietnamese apricot is ignited in a sip of alcohol with 44% alcohol content. This Apricot Liquor is

Plum Liqueur – Rượu Mận – ABV 19%

Blood plum is a precious variety of plum from Hoang Su Phi district, Ha Giang province, known for its intense

Lotus Liquor – Rượu Hồng Liên – ABV 32%

In Ninh Binh, the lotus season starts quite early with delicate, pale-colored petals. Towards the end of June and the

Mulberry mix Jasmine Liqueur – Rượu Dâu Hoa Nhài – ABV 12%

Mulberry is harvested at the end of March, and the beginning of April. It is a popular juicy fruit grown

Passion Fruit Liqueur – Rượu Chanh Leo – ABV 19%

Da Lat is the provincial capital of Lam Dong province, located on the Lam Vien plateau in the Central Highlands

Green Lemon Liqueur – Rượu Chanh Giấy – ABV 19%

Lemon is commonly grown in the Mekong Delta, known for its tropical fruits. Lemon enthusiasts appreciate the unique fragrance of